Pressure Washing, Power Washing & Low Pressure Steam Cleaning in Victoria, BC

Pressure Washing, Power Washing & Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning

Pressure Steam Cleaners in Victoria, BC

Using safe and effective low pressure washing or steam cleaning, we can give your building the professional appearance you desire. Steam cleaning has proven to be a safer method for exteriors, including interlocking brick, stucco and vinyl siding. Higher heat with steam cleaning results in less soap and spot cleaners needed along with and faster drying.

  • We offer a low pressure wash or steam clean
  • Safer method for exteriors
  • We have a bucket truck for those high and hard to reach areas
  • WCB insured
  • Fall protection safety certified
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Truck-mounted cleaner
  • Safe and effective for stucco, vinyl siding, parking lots and walkways

Let Your Building Sparkle and make a good first impression with a clean, welcoming building exterior. There’s a lot in terms of what goes into pressure washing, but All-Brite Cleaning in Greater Victoria, BC can get you there!

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Low Pressure Steam Cleaning Benefits

Power washing is a fantastic way to maintain any property; however, some surfaces and finishes may be damaged by high pressure washing. Low pressure cleaning is an ideal solution for a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

If you’re concerned that an area cannot withstand the pressure of power washing, we recommend using low pressure steam cleaning, as it can address the same issues easily and effectively. It can also remove stains and dirt while using less water than high pressure washing methods.

  • Low pressure cleaning benefits older homes and buildings because it does not place excessive stress on aging paint, wood, or other surfaces.
  • Some types of wood, masonry, and natural stone are vulnerable to damage during high pressure washing. Steam cleaning ensures these areas are cleaned thoroughly without risking the integrity or cosmetic appearance of the surface in question.
  • Low pressure cleaning is ideal for any surface affected by mold and mildew, removing and killing mold spores without damaging exterior or interior finishes. Steam can be used to easily penetrate small cracks or openings without leaving moisture behind to ensure all mold and mildew has been completely removed.
  • The appearance of grout, vinyl, and tile can be improved by breaking up stains and ground-in dirt.

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