Snow Removal & De-Icing

Keep Your Parking Lots and Walkways Clear

Keep your family, customers and employees safe with All-Brite Cleaning, Greater Victoria’s trusted name for reliable snow removal. Our licensed, bonded and insured operation is available 24 hours to meet your demands.

We have dependable, well-maintained equipment including a snow plow and snow blowers. All-Brite Cleaning will clear snow from parking lots, sidewalks and also apply de-icing products such as salt/brine to prevent ice build up.

When bad weather strikes, you can count on us for prompt service at affordable rates.

Brining (De-icing) Maintenance

Brine is a mixture of salt and water and works well to prevent snow and ice from sticking. It is applied with spray nozzles from a truck mounted tank. It uses a quarter of the salt and is safer on the environment.

Brine starts to work immediately. Salt on the other hand, doesn’t work until the snow/ice starts to melt it. Salt is also messy. It sticks to footwear and gets tracked indoors, and if it is too cold and dry it just sits on the surface and can pose as a hazard. For more information on our Brining (Deicing) Maintenance services, contact us.

Need some white stuff removed? Call on All-Brite Cleaning for prompt and courteous service.

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